VLINDER network in West Flanders

In the westernmost Flemish province, 8 weather stations will be installed by schools. It is here particularly looking forward to the measurements in the dunes.

Measurements will be made at 2 locations ( De Haan and De Panne ) in a dune environment close to the coastline. We expect large temperature fluctuations at these logistically challenging locations: high ceilings during the day and low nighttime minimum. By comparing these measurements with the observations on a land dune in Limburg, we can find out what role the immediate proximity of the sea plays here.

In addition, VLINDER measuring points will be located in various smaller West Flemish cities. How large will the heat island be in such small, but often densely built-up towns (eg Ypres and Menen )? It is looking forward to the occurrence or absence of a heat island in a coastal city such as Newport . For national reference values, there are VLINDER stations in the swampy nature reserve De Blankaart ( Diksmuide ) and in the outskirts of Tielt .

Overview map VLINDER network in the province of West Flanders with zoom on city measurement points in Nieuwpoort and Menen and the measuring station in nature reserve De Blankaart.

Curious about the selected locations in the other provinces?


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