VLINDER network in Limburg

Nature abounds in green Limburg and we see that reflected in the Limburg VLINDER proposals of which 7 locations have been selected.

In Bree, for example, there will be a very remote rural measuring point in the midst of extensive meadows and fields. The title of the highest VLINDER measuring point goes to Geraardsbergen in East Flanders, but in Oudsbergen a VLINDER weather station is placed at the highest Flemish land dune. Logistically it will be a challenge to install the weather station at this location, but the students and researchers will be rewarded with unique measurements. Does the measured microclimate correspond to what is measured in the dune locations on the coast? This sandy location seems to be a contender for the highest temperatures during the day. Limburg also has extensive forests and to study this, a measuring point in a Lommel was chosens forest area. Here too, the comparison with forest measurements in other provinces (eg in Eeklo or Keerbergen) becomes interesting. The easternmost measuring point of the VLINDER network will be in Maaseik where measurements will be carried out in a very water-rich environment on the Grensmaas.

The extensive industrial park Nolimpark in Pelt will also receive a VLINDER weather station. Finally, a measuring point will be built near the abbey tower of Sint-Truiden . A comparison with the rural location south of the city will show whether a heat island effect occurs in the Haspengouw city.

Overview map VLINDER network in the province of Limburg with zoom on measuring points in the center of Sint-Truiden, the dunes of Oudsbergen and the Grensmaas (Maaseik).


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