VLINDER network in full construction, illustration with a frosty night

Many schools have successfully started their VLINDER weather station in recent days. At present 35 VLINDER weather stations are already active and that already gives an interesting picture of the weather differences within Flanders and Brussels.

Last night, for example, it was clear and almost windless, ideal conditions for strong cooling as early birds would have experienced this morning. The night-time appearance is strongly determined by the properties of the surface, so we can expect significant temperature differences between measuring stations in different environments on such a night. This is confirmed by the minimums that were registered this morning by the VLINDER stations and that are listed below.

Overview of the temperature minima on the morning of 11/20/19.

The lowest minima were measured this morning in the Mechelen – Heist o / d Berg region with values ​​up to -5 ° C in Butterfly 6 Bonheiden (nationwide, see photo below) and -4 ° C in Butterfly 31 Heist-od-Berg (nationwide ). Most locations showed minima between ss -2 ° C and 0 ° C. There was hardly any frost at a few measuring points with a high water fraction such as Vlinder 16 Beveren (+ 1.4 ° C; on the quay along the Scheldt), Vlinder 22 Diksmuide (+ 0.1 ° C; De Blankaart nature reserve) or Vlinder 25 Evergem (-0.2 ° C; in the middle of a water saving basin). Also at a few urban locations in the west of the country ( Vlinder 34 Ieper and Vlinder 5 Gent) did not get frost. The urban heat island effect was seen this morning in the measurements in Mechelen, Ghent and Ypres, among other things. Also striking are the limited differences between on the one hand the dune measurement points ( Vlinder 21 De Haan and Vlinder 55 De Panne ) and on the other the city measurement point ( Vlinder 44 Nieuwpoort ) on the coast.

In the coming days, another 25 VLINDER measuring stations will be added, which will lead to even more detailed observations and insights. To be continued…

Vlinder 6 Bonheiden at a very open location in the Mechels Broek nature reserve. This measuring point is monitored by the BimSem school in Mechelen.


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