VLINDER network in Flemish Brabant and Brussels

To map the Brussels heat island, 5 BUTTERFLY measuring points were chosen on a line from Brussels city to Asse.

Measurements will be taken in the center of our highly urbanized capital (city of Brussels ), in a densely populated neighborhood ( Koekelberg ), on the transition from city to countryside (border Ganshoren-Asse) and in the very rural outskirts (N of Asse ) . Just like in Antwerp and Mechelen, we can also count on a green location in the heart of the city (Royal Palace garden) in Brussels that will allow us to study the impact of urban greenery. The temperature profile along this series of weather stations will provide a unique cross-section of the Brussels heat island.

In addition, Londerzeel students will row to place a weather station on an island in a pond in a wooded area. In Keerbergen a measuring point is provided in a wooded residential area, characteristic of this region. Finally, the VLINDER measuring point in the center of Tienen connects with the measuring points that are provided in Haspengouw.

Overview map VLINDER network in Flemish Brabant and Brussels with zoom on the measuring points in a Londerzeel pond, the green Keerbergen and Tienen center. The locations indicated in red will provide an interesting section of the heat island of Brussels.

Curious about the selected locations in the other provinces?


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