VLINDER network in East Flanders

The East-Flemish secondary schools submitted the most VLINDER proposals, which resulted in a measurement network consisting of 18 different locations.

The East-Flemish eye-catcher is the measurement at the large reservoirs in Kluizen ( Evergem ). In combination with measurements on the lake in recreational area De Donk ( Oudenaarde ), we hope to gain a clear insight into the influence of water on, for example, temperature and humidity in the immediate vicinity. This knowledge is very relevant to be able to estimate to what extent blue axes in cities can combat heat stress.

In Ghent , the 4 proposed VLINDER measuring locations fill the existing MOCCA measuring points including a measuring point on the VOLVO Trucks site. The VLINDER measuring point in the Gentbrugse Meersen nature reserve, located just to the east of Ghent, makes it possible to check the advection of the urban heat island.

Overview map VLINDER network in East Flanders with zoom on measurement locations at savings baskets Kluizen (Evergem), provincial domain Het Leen (Eeklo) and in the center of Aalst.

We find 2 weather stations in a number of East Flemish cities. For Aalst and Sint-Niklaas , the VLINDER couple has been chosen in such a way that the heat island of both central cities is monitored. For Sint-Niklaas, the national measuring point is not far from the Dutch border in Sint-Gillis-Waas. In Oudenaarde we compare a strong blue location with a very green location. In Zelzate , the choice was made to compare a city park with an industrial location in the port of Ghent. This is not the only East Flemish port location; a measuring point is planned in Beveren in the port of Antwerp near the Kallo lock.

Meetjesland is well represented with measuring points in the center of Maldegem , in the creeks of Sint-Laureins and in the wooded provincial domain Het Leen ( Eeklo ). Finally, the highest weather station of the VLINDER network can be found in Geraardsbergen near De Muur.

Curious about the selected locations in the other provinces?


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