VLINDER network in Antwerp

In the province of Antwerp there will be 15 VLINDER weather stations. The focus in this province is mainly on built-up environments.

In the city of Antwerp itself there will be a measuring point in the densely built-up historic center. This measuring point will compete with the Brussels and Ghent historic cores for the highest night-time temperatures. There will be a measuring point in the Antwerp Zoo to study the impact of greenery in a city center. On the Left Bank there is a densely populated part of the city whose views differ greatly from most urban environments in Flanders. Here, a choice was made for high-rise buildings with green spaces in between, an urbanization strategy that is expected to give rise to a more limited heat island. With this measuring point on the Left Bank, we can investigate this hypothesis in Antwerp.

In the city center of Mechelen there will be weather stations at 3 locations: in a green location in the heart of the city, in a suburban environment on the outskirts of the city and in the Mechels Broek nature reserve. In Lier there will also be a VLINDER weather station in the historic center near the Nete. In Heist-op-den-Berg 2 different schools place a weather station: one in the center of the urbanized municipality, the other in green countryside. In Kontich there will also be a measuring point in the center.

In Turnhout , where the VLINDER project was launched at the end of January, there have been 2 VLINDER weather stations as a test for a few months (one in the city, one just outside). The Antwerp Kempen can now also count on weather measurements in Geel , Herentals and Vorselaar .

Overview map VLINDER network in the province of Antwerp with zoom on urban measuring points in Antwerp (Antwerp Zoo), Mechelen and Lier and a green measuring point near Herentals.


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