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Real time airquality measurements from the AIRQ DAO sensors in Belgium to come.

AIRQ DAO as a community network

The availability of hundreds of sustainable airquality sensors in very diverse landscapes and schools all over Flanders makes the AIRQ DAO network unique and attractive for other applications. There are indeed many other parameters (e.g. air pollution, noise,…) that are significantly influenced by the local environment. The energy and communication infrastructure is developed such that extra sensors can be easily connected to the AIRQ DAO sensors. In this way the network can be easily extended towards e.g. a Flemish air pollution network.

Researchers interested in more measurements (e.g. via extra sensors), can contact us.

AIRQ DAO data are in realtime online available and interested researchers can use them. But there is more…


Airquality data in very diverse landscapes have a large value and will be used during the next years to evaluate the quality of the air we are breathing in cities and in the countryside and to gain insight into the urban mobility problem.

But the potential of this network is not limited to airquality research. As an example, the data of the MOCCA netwerk, an urban climate monitoring network in Gent, are used by architects, engineers, geologists,… The AIRQ DAO project results in an even more extensive database and all measurements are immediately online. Researchers, schools, citizens interested in working with the data, can contact the AIRQ DAO team for more information.

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