Registration VLINDER flows in

After the successful launch of the VLINDER project at the Heilig-Grafinstituut in Turnhout at the end of January, registrations are in full swing.

The interest of secondary schools in this civil science project appears to be high. After just 2 weeks, there are already around 50 secondary schools that have applied for the project. The proposals already include a number of very interesting and original locations!

Some general comments that we can already give today :

  • Some schools go for playground locations and they have little chance because they are not representative of the environment. All the information to select good locations can be found in the step-by-step plan . Schools that have consulted with their municipality or city often come up with very strong proposals.
  • For the time being there are few schools that come with good urban locations . However, you can often find interesting and safe locations in city centers at museums, monasteries, government buildings, etc. This is definitely worth a try!
  • Registrations come in from all over Flanders, literally from the Westhoek to the Limburg border area with the Netherlands. The province of East Flanders is currently the most strongly represented. In Flemish Brabant and Brussels there is still a lot of work to be done …

Schools can still register until April 30. Even if you are already registered and want to add another location, you can still do so until this date. The time of registration will not play a role in the selection, so take your time to come up with a super location. We look forward to your proposals!

Photo of the placement of the VLINDER station on the city farm just outside Turnhout on the day of the launch of the project. The measurements from the 2 Turnhoutse VLINDER stations can be followed here.


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