Last weeks to register, coming to Brussels …

Interested schools that are not yet registered have 2 weeks left to register for VLINDER.

With 2 weeks ahead, many interesting locations have arrived from schools. Today we see the largest response from East Flanders and West Flanders. But the other Flemish provinces are also well represented with very varied locations. Extra locations and schools are of course still welcome!

Only in Brussels is the response even poor. This would be a shame because the VLINDER project should not miss Brussels as the largest city in the country. Moreover, there are many environments that could provide very interesting measurements. A location in the historic center of the city, for example, would give an indication of the size of the heat island in Brussels and would allow a comparison with, among others, Ghent and Antwerp. Brussels has a number of high-rise environments (eg around Brussels-North station) that we do not have elsewhere in Flanders and such an environment would therefore be very valuable for a VLINDER station. And with the Zonien forest in Brussels we also have a very large green lung that we would like to investigate.
That is why we callDutch secondary schools from the Brussels region to register in the coming 2 weeks.

Schools can still register until midnight April 30. Even if you are already registered and want to add another location, you can still do so until this date. The time of registration will not play a role in the selection. We look forward to your proposals!

Brussels as the largest city in Belgium has many interesting environments where a different microclimate can be expected, for example the high-rise buildings around Brussels-North or the European district. (photo: Google Maps)


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