Air pollution constitutes a risk to human health.

It is thought that lung conditions exacerbated by air pollution cost the EU €50 billion per year and reduce life expectancy by an average of 6 months.
Factors such as rising industrial activity energy production and increased traffic have all contributed to increased air pollution.

Furthermore air pollution is highest in areas where urban development is concentrated.
A major part of the NWE-region is considered as one of the two European hot spot zones.
The aim is to take a 360° approach to facilitate the development health relevant air quality policies in the NWE hotspot region.

Airq wants to:

  1. provide decision makers with the necessary evidence on their current local/regional airquality
  2. provide decision makers best-practices on how to deal best with the current local/regional situation (what can we do about it?)
  3. motivate decision makers to adapt current policies by creating a support base with stakeholders and the general public.