Flanders wants to BUTLERY en masse.

The call to the Flemish secondary schools to participate in the VLINDER (VLaanderen IN DE WEeR) citizen science project has received a lot of response.

In recent months, no fewer than 160 secondary schools , representing 115,000 Flemish students , have registered to participate in the VLINDER project. In this civil science project, funded by the citizen science call from the Flemish government, researchers from UGent, KMI and VITO, among others, want to gain insight into the influence of the environment on the local weather. The registrations come from all educational forms and networks of Flanders. In total, these schools propose 444 locations to install a VLINDER measuring station. The proposed locations are well spread throughout Flanders.

Overview map with the proposed BUTTERFLY locations.

The proposed locations correspond to what we had hoped for and the diversity in proposed landscapes is very large . Among the submitted locations we find, for example, highly urbanized landscapes, dune areas, industrial environments, islets, vineyards, … A lot of teachers, mostly the geography, physics and / or STEM teachers, deserve praise for their thorough search for scientifically valuable locations. in their environment. Locations were proposed in various cities and towns after consultation with the local government . It is also striking that a lot of companies and nature associations are cooperating to come to the unique measurement locations.

It is clear that the massive proposals will allow for unique measurements. In the coming weeks, researchers will make a selection of 50 locations based on the scientific added value of the proposals. The final selection will be announced on Tuesday 11 June to the schools and the general public.


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