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Although the AIRQ DAO network is mainly based on a collaboration between schools and municipalities, the project also offers interesting possibilities for citizens.

The AIRQ DAO network collects data to gain insight into local air quality differences and their link with land use.

The resulting observations can be found in realtime online and everyone interested can study the data. Did you prepare an interesting analysis based on AIRQ DAO measurements ,… please share this with us via mail. Of course you can also simply follow the results of the project on our newspage.

During 2021 a number of AIRQ DAO events will be organized. Such events will take place at schools who are responsible for an AIRQ DAO sensor. The outline of these evenings will consist of some short lectures on the AIRQ DAO project. Apart from the AIRQ DAO lectures we will also invite an expert from a broader range of topics ( (mobility, smartcities, citizen science,…). These events will be free and open to anyone interested. Keep on eye on the agenda for a AIRQ DAO event in your region.


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