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Air pollution is now considered one of the largest environmental health threats of our time, leading to around 400 000 premature deaths in the EU every year, according to the European Environment Agency’s Air quality in Europe 2017 report, and costing well over €20 billion a year.

Many cities are recognising the need to act quickly on poor air quality in order to prevent major health incidents. Breathing in “particulates” (tiny particles, smaller than 0.01mm) can increase the risk of respiratory complaints, heart disease, stroke, and even cancer.

The interest of cities to be part of the AIRQ DAO network led to local partnerships with schools, childcare and elderly care-centres and vice versa.

It is obvious that 1 or multiple AIRQ DAO sensors on their territory is of large interest for local administrations. The availability of accurate, realtime airquality data offers in this IoT age many possibilities. The AIRQ DAO project is for many cities an opportunity to map often for the first time their local air quality. This interest explains why many schools were supported by local administrations in their search for suitable measurement locations.

Air pollution is now considered one of the largest environmental health threats of our time…



AIRQ DAO sensors provide real-time information about pollution levels, and the same data can pinpoint hotspots, where traffic jams are forming, where parks or car-free zones may be needed, and a host of other countermeasures cities can employ.

Supported by mobile apps and web tools, the data can also be used to engage citizens in ‘clean air’ initiatives, and track progress over time.

Based on scientific selection criteria 59 locations have been selected. Some regions and cities are not represented.

Due to the overwhelming interest to participate, only 1 out of 8 proposals for locations could be selected. In case cities or local administrations are interested in extending the network together with local schools, they can contact us.


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