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AIRQ DAO Sensors

Know your air quality and make meaningful decisions

Sensirion’s Nubo Air monitoring system is an end-to-end solution for real-time monitoring of air pollution. Relying on Sensirion’s market-leading environmental sensors Nubo Air offers excellent data quality. This is underlined by the MCERTS certification and various independent evaluations.

It has never been easier to measure reliable and trustworthy air quality data. Whether you want to measure air quality in your community or facility or plan a larger sensor network, with Nubo Air you do not have to compromise between quality and total cost of ownership.

Nubo Air is based on a convenient system with exchangeable cartridges to allow for easy maintenance and quality control. The system enables future and sustainable upgrades to the latest sensing technology. With the first available sensing cartridge you get access to the most reliable measurement of

  • Fine dust PM1 & PM2.5
  • Temperature 
  • Humidity 
  • Barometric pressure


Real Time Observations

The AIRQ DAO sensors are sending their latest observations to our servers every 5 minutes.
There are different methods to consult the observations.

All measurements can be followed in real time via the ATT. Historical data can be downloaded on this platform. The latest observations can also be consulted via the dropdown menu below.

Observations of AIRQ DAO sensors, previous 24 hours.

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