Active Transport


Active Transport


Active transport refers to measures to promote all modes of transport driven by human muscle-power like walking, cycling, skating, etc. to reduce emissions by engine powered vehicles. Complementary actions, such as infrastructure programs, urban planning, transport planning and policy programs are required to increase the level of active transport.

Joaquin View

Since the use of active transport is a fundamental, structural measure with important co-benefits it is considered a good measure. This measure can lead to economic benefits and also to healthy lifestyle improvements, which can be a primary motivator for increasing active transport. A substantial increase in active transport requires complementary actions, such as bicycle programs, supportive land use planning and promotion of behavioural change, preferably implemented as a fully integrated package. The air quality potential of the measure is considered good, but the reliability of the data is considered low since there’s no air quality data available. Joaquin rates this action as good.


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