Air quality is a hot topic, however, installing sensor networks should be handled much more efficiently. Often the sensor network is centrally subsidized and outsourced to one party, the locations are not selected correctly and they are not removed shortly after placement due to lack of financial interests.

The AIRQ DAO project addresses this problem by enabling bottom-up initiatives. It is a platform that makes it easy and affordable for groups of people (initially schools) to finance and install sensors. That way, air quality measurements are performed locally.

Sensors will provide data and insights that can be used to monitor and air quality in order to improve it. That way schools, together with municipalities can identify and implement targeted solutions. To measure is to know.

The climate marches have made it clear that young people are aware of the subject. Schools are therefore committed communities with a large shared interest. As parents, we all want the best for our children. That is why AIRQ DAO sees schools as a first relevant community with an aligned interest for air quality improvement. Schools are a starting point, other communities that want to work actively on air quality are also welcome in the global AirQ community.

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